The durability tester and travel expert.

“to achieve something outstanding you need to be willing to take risks”

Enjoying change, new situations and seeking unknown spaces makes Jeroen constantly travel the entire world. Taking his YF-Boards on trips about far more than 100.000km at times, he soaks up information like a sponge and creatively transforms them into new and innovative ideas to enhance and optimize our YF-Shapes for the future. Jeroen provides us with feedback on durability and long term stability of our YF-Boards on our regular basis.

He is skillful, innovative and creative, shapes his own boards, incorporates new and sometimes daring ideas into shapes as well as into his designs and artwork. Why not put a 13 fin setup into one board?

(Just call him however you think his name is said… he will react to almost anything that remotely sounds like his name.)

YF-Boards and designs by Tiburonny:




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