BJ “Skindog” Jansen

kreativer Kopf, Art & Design

creative director, section artwork, the artist in the team

“Nothing happens before breakfast and coffee anyway. And breakfast before 11 is “A Frefl”!”

“Don’t worry! The Guardia Civil just takes your identity!”

Being a perfectionist at heart and hard at work into the tiniest detail makes him interesting to work with to say the least.

Bjoern has an exceptional eye for form and composition. He manages to add his creative forces and ideas to turn our hand crafted surfboards into outstanding pieces of art.

His passion for surfing and art has taken him around the world. He picked up various ideas and influences that he creatively merges with the traditional and historically rich culture of the black forest area. He has the gift to give a board the final optical touch.

Examples of Bjoerns Surfboard-Art:

Erzgebirg 4 ever

The Hirschkopf

The Turtle

The Trident


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