Surfboard Workshops

Do it yourself:

Build your own wooden surfboard!

Every Surfer reaches the point where shaping a board themselves becomes interesting. We are offering the opportunity to shape your own board in a professional way.

How it works:

You will become a co-shaper of your own yellowfoot board.

Plan on 10 to 12 days of work in a timeframe of one month on location in the yellowfoot workshop in Freiburg.

Contact us to get the ball rolling. We will organize a meeting to figure out the details on the dates and of course most importantly the desired board.

The amount of your own involvement is totally up to you. You will be guided by our shapers at all times and learn every step of the creative process form the idea up to the final product.

Pick and choose out of the following list:

  • Planning the board virtually on the computer.
  • Picking the timber
  • Building the blank
  • Programming the CNC machine
  • Cutting the board out of the blank
  • Grinding the details
  • Inserting nose and tail blocks
  • Inserting fin plugs/fins
  • Glassing the board
  • Final polish

Price: 800 Euro + the price for the desired shape

Example: Egg Shape "Kingpin": 899€, plus 800€ workshop fee = 1.699€
20% discount on the workshop fee for students!

Happy surfboard shaper