The yellowfoot story

It all started in 2006…

…when we came to the art of shaping balsa surfboards in Ecuador, the land of the balsa trees, learning from one of the best, Rasty from the famous balsa house.
In 2008, the first yellowfoot balsa surfboard was built in the black forest. Since then, yellowfoot has grown into a big family of teamriders, photographers, soulsurfers, artists and friends. Respect and appreciation of nature, mountains and the ocean connect us. Experiencing nature’s playgrounds and sharing the pure joy of surfing are at the company’s heart. During the last years, we’ve been working on expanding our product range. Next to our proven balsa surfboards, we’re now proud to offer longskates, wooden SUP’s and wooden kite boards, available in limited and custom made editions.


Yellowfoot surfboards are handcrafted in the black forest, inspired by its natural surroundings and the background of traditional craftsmanship. The belief in wood, as a strong and durable material, derives from our roots in the black forest. Our inspiration for crafting wooden surfboards comes from a deep passion for surfing and grew in the years of traveling from shore to shore. The fascination for wood and the belief in its qualities are core values of the company. However, we want to create more than “ecological friendlier” surfboards. It is our vision to design and craft surfboards that match to the surfer and his surfing  – a surfboard that lasts a surfers life. Besides their ecological advantages, balsa surfboards offer a unique way of riding waves. They are strong and durable, and every board is an individual piece of art.

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