Riding characteristics of a balsa surfboard

The soul of early day surfing

Balsa wood is stronger and stiffer than any foam used in surfboard production. In combination with the matchless flex of balsa wood, this results in smooth riding characteristics, control and stability in the water. Balsa surfboards trim very fast and develop a special drive in mushy sections of a wave. They allow powerful turns, even in waves that don’t break perfectly. Catching waves get’s easier, as the balsa board glides through the water instead of getting pushed back.



Balsa surfboards are not necessarily much heavier then surfboards made from foam. Balsa wood can be extremely light and due to its strength, less fiberglass and less resin is needed. These wooden surfboards are much more durable compared to traditional foam boards. A balsa surfboard is probably going to accompany it’s surfer for a lifetime. In general balsa surfboards are slightly heavier than their foam counterparts, however it results in more speed and more bite into the surface of the wave. The ride is crisp and smooth with a closer feeling to the wave itself.