Ride on wood!

Why should I surf balsa?

The soul of early day surfing:

The matchless flex of balsa wood results in smooth riding characteristics, control and stability in the water. The ride on a balsa surfboard is crisp and smooth with a closer feeling to the wave itself.!

Shaping Room & Tech Talk

Wooden surfboards:

Yellowfoot wooden surfboards are handcrafted in the black forest – from the first cut of the timber to a perfectly finished surfboard. The selection of the finest and lightest wood stands at the very beginning of each board. Interested in facts about balsa wood, the blanks, shaping and glassing? Check out our
Shaping Room


Build your own wooden surfboard!

Every Surfer reaches the point where shaping a board themselves becomes interesting. We are offering the opportunity to shape your own board in a professional way – from designing the shape on the computer to the finished surfboard, created with your own hands!

about us

It all started in 2006...

...when we came to the art of shaping balsa surfboards in Ecuador, the land of the balsa trees, learning from one of the best, Rasty from the famous balsa house.