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    with the following dimensions:

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    chambered (standard)solid wood (+50€)


    1 (standard)230

    Nose & Tail Blocks

    none (standard)plain (+35E)striped single (+50E)striped multiple (+50E)see text below

    Fins (Standard according to the fin setup of the shape in the portfolio,no extra charge in case)

    ThrusterQuad (+25€)5 fin setup (+50€)TwinSingleSingle plus Side Bites

    FCS X2FCS FusionFCS II (+30€)Future FinsUS Box (+20€)

    Standard (4-4-4)Light (6-4)see text below

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    **payment arrangements:
    Payment is to be made by bankwire (prepayment) or cash on the barrelhead. All remittance work and custom products require a commission to the tune of 40% before production.